01The Difference

There are A LOT of personal trainers, bootcamps, and fitness studio's out there! I want you to know right away why Honest Training is different! Honest Training is about sustainable movement... we want to be 60-70 years old and rock'in it! Not trashing our bodies and preventing injury, not creating it!  We are about NOT DIETING... but creating and practicing healthy meal plans that support a healthy active lifestyle. Which includes a glass of wine every once and a while ;)

We are about loving our bodies... practicing good body image.  We are about community!  Creating a supportive community of accountability is vital for success... being there for each other. Being real, being honest about the struggles as well as celebrating the victories! At Honest Training we offer semi private personal training. This means that you and 4-5 other people will be working out together. It really feel's like you still have a personal trainer... just add in a few other fun people :) This format allows for LOTS of coaching, modifications and more time/room to make the workout individual. This is key for people who need help with form and posture... which is EVERYONE! The semi private training also allows me to have a personal relationship with each and every one of my clients. I know who you are, I know your goals, and you will not be lost in the crowd of a group fitness class. Lastly, it's WAY FUN. Working out with other people is really motivating and fun!  You will find camaraderie, support, community and friendship.

02Our Staff

Paisley Meekin


  • Owner of Honest Training
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Owner of Honest Training

“Be Consistent, Not Perfect!” – Trainer Paisley


NASM Certified Personal Trainer with Specializations in Small Group Personal Training & Corrective Exercise

TRX group certified

CHEK Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach

BA in Dietetics

Marketing and Advertising

Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Coach NormaRae


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Normarae started her fitness journey in 2011 as a way to cope with the passing of her father. Her daily exercise routine started to have a transformative effect on her body and kick-started a focus on healthy eating habits.

Now, Normarae wants to bring what she’s learned to empower other women!

Working out with Normarae sounds like so much fun! She loves the 90’s, especially Janet Jackson and Tupac. Hoping we can get access to those playlists… In fact, one of her favorite hobbies is learning Janet Jackson dance routines!

Meet Scout!


  • Cutest Dog of All TimeGym DogOfficial Greeter
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Scout is 1 year old pit mix who loves to greet all our clients!  She comes to work with me (Paisley here) daily as our official gym greeter.  You will most likely see her snoozing during your workout 🙂

Tahni Hamilton


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Paige Capps


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Vanessa Mariscal


  • Exercise SpecialistIndoor Cycling
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Indoor Cycling/BADASS

“Respect your body, respect yourself”

Vanessa has an excess of 20 years of experience and skills in the fitness industry and health and wellness arena, previously the owner and head trainer at VMAT MMA and personal training in El Segundo Vanessa has her Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, has competed as a professional Mixed Martial Artist and embodies her level of expertise and skill to perfection.  

See Our Spin Bikes

Our Spin Bikes

  • Indoor Cycling
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Our bikes are Lemond Master Pro

The Best Indoor Group Cycle Period

Highly adjustable to fit all shapes and sizes

Comfortable seats!

SPD clip-in pedal option


Rian Strong


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Today I got an email from Honest Personal Training that made me proud. It said: “Dear Amanda, It’s your anniversary with Honest PT! YAAAHHH!” (Really, it did say YAAAHHH!) On this day, four years ago, I signed up to start circuit training. And I can honestly say that day was a life changer.

When I first started at Honest, I wanted to be skinny. And by skinny I mean society’s RIDICULOUS standard of being skinny. I wave my feminist flag loud and proud but I have plenty of moments where I feel worthless because I’m not skinny. We are bombarded every day with messages telling us how we are supposed to look. Those messages also tell us that if we don’t look like society’s ideal then we are useless, worthless and unacceptable. I understand all of that intellectually but that doesn’t mean the war is easy.

When I joined Honest, I did lose weight and 6 inches off my waist. I was absolutely elated. Year 2, I started focusing on lifting “heavy shit.” That was pretty fun, but I injured myself and so the next year (3) was just tough as I kept modifying around my injury. Year 4 has been good. Now I’m in a nice regular groove of showing up, doing my best, making sure I have good form, and visiting with my friends.

This continues to be an amazing journey for me. My ultimate goal is radical self-acceptance. And what’d I’d like to say is that I get a lot of support in that journey at Honest and with the friends and colleagues I work out with.

At Honest, I am accepted for exactly who I am. No one cares if I have a bad week and can’t lift what I normally lift. No one cares that I gained all my weight back. What WE care about at Honest is supporting each other and helping each other be our best selves.