01We Believe

Healthy Sustainable programs that focus on Holistic nutrition and lifestyle changes. Supportive FUN and friendly community (non competitive). Small groups to ensure you get lots of coaching, support and form checking. Lot’s of variety of movements and classes... including functional strength, balance, mobility and agility/ cardiovascular training and conditioning.

We believe nothing in life is more precious than health and wellness.

02The Workouts

Spinning Class
Indoor Cycling

Indoor cycling combines high intensity interval training as well as endurance training to get your heart pumping and sweat dripping! We incorporate sitting and standing intervals to give you a total body workout that helps to build cardiovascular endurance, strengthen your heart, improve your mood and stimulate your mind and body.

Circuit Training
Circuit Training

Semi private personal training. This means that you and 4-5 other people will be working out together. It really feel's like you still have a personal trainer... just add in a few other fun people :) This format allows for LOTS of coaching, modifications and more time/room to make the workout individual.


Gentle yoga for any level that is SO good for EVERY body. The focus is slowing down, stretching tight muscles, breathing and bringing awareness into our lives. So important. This is such a great change of pace of our everyday busy lives and essential to our physical and emotional health.

03About Us

We are a FUN, non-intimidating non-competitive neighborhood training studio that believes in holistic wellness and sustainable/life changing fitness/nutrition programs. We offer small group circuit training, Indoor cycling and yoga for all levels.

We specialize in world class coaching, focus on getting bodies to move properly with lots of individual coaching and have a lot of FUN doing it.

Honest Studio is a one stop shop for fitness and nutrition. Offering lots of COMMUNITY classes, education and lots of exercise variety. TRX, bodyweight, kettlebell, sports conditioning/agility training, weight training, olympic lifting, yoga, pilates, cycling, running and physical therapy techniques to name a few.

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