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You Know You’re a Regular at Honest When…

One of the best things about Honest Small Group Training is its community. It’s made up of some of the best people around. Yes you come to Honest for a great workout but not only do you leave feeling more empowered, healthy and strong…you leave having gained new friendships. We are a fitness family and the more the merrier. Many of our Honest “regulars” have been with the studio for several months, others for several years. But what makes one a “regular”? How do you know when you’ve achieved that status?

Check out how many of these descriptions fit you to find out if you yourself might be an Honest regular.

You know you’re a regular at Honest when…

  1. You make sure to be at Paisley’s class early so you can play with Scout for a bit
  2. You have a bike in the spinn room that is YOUR bike
  3. You know that Paisley’s famous “double-chin” is one of best parts of her #thingstododaily videos
  4. You’re friends with all your trainers on all the social media sites
  5. You look forward to whatever outfit Keith will be wearing at the next Honest spinn party
  6. You know it’s not Matt or Matthew….it’s Matthew Barney
  7. You talk about how great Honest is and try to get your friends to come workout with you
  8. You read the Honest blog, follow the Facebook/Instagram/Twitter, show up for the Honest Talks and compete in the Honest Challenges
  9. You know what to do with a foam roller and lacrosse ball (and you probably have them at home too)
  10. Honest is your “happy place”
  11. You look forward to seeing your friends at your workouts
  12. You appreciate that your trainers know you well enough to push you when you need it
  13. You appreciate that your trainers know you well enough to pull you back when you need it
  14. You show up like it’s your job
  15. You know all the trainers’ idiosyncrasies:
  • Michelle calls you “hun”
  • Paisley throws her head back when she laughs
  • Jared gives Billy Nye the Science guy a run for his money
  • Bree gives the best pep talks
  • Keith is a genius when it comes to theme parties

Honest regulars you know who you are. We know who you are too and we love you. You’ve been bitten by the Honest bug and developed a healthy addiction to the studio that so many consider a second home. Thank you for being a wonderful part of our community! See you soon!

Would you like to be an Honest regular? There’s no time like the present. Sign up now and get your first week free!

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