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Yoga. Tea. Talk: Stress and Finding Balance Within

Hosted by Honest Training

Special Guests: Jamie Busch (Yoga)

Barbara Robitaille (Transition Coach, Guest Speaker)


We are so excited to be bringing this event back to you guys, especially after the success of the first one (Fall Back in Love with Your Life Again) in January! Our primary focus was to carry off where we left off for the folks that attended in January, and for the newbies, setting goals to work towards in the New Year.


We have intentionally made the event right before the holidays, as we are fully aware how stressful the holiday season can be, emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially. Self-care often takes a back seat, especially when it comes to exercise and making healthy choices!


So, with that in mind, let’s get down to the deets!


When:     October 29th from 11-1pm

Where:   Honest Training
                4016 NE Fremont St
                Portland, OR 97212
Cost:       $29

Sign up: Mind Body Online, or honestportland.com/schedule
Bring:    Yoga Mat and Block (both optional)

Contact: Michelle Nixon, michelle@honestportland.com


What to Expect:


This talk will provide you with an opportunity to focus on your goals, examine your life in an honest and gentle way, and find balance within.


The session will start with a 30-minute yoga class led by Jamie Busch (Read more about Jamie www.jamiebuschyoga.com). Enjoy a Hatha-Vinyasa blended class, appropriate to all levels. Class will start off with Sun Salutations, starting off slowly to examine technique, and gradually picking up pace to warm the body. Class sequencing will incorporate both the ‘flow’ of the movement and breath and traditional to Vinyasa; but at a slower pace so that we can focus attention on proper alignment and on the awareness of breath/heart rate.


After Yoga, sit back and sip on soothing tea from your complimentary Honest mug, while Transition coach Barbara Robitaille offers practical strategies to handle stress and find the balance within. (Read more about Barb www.barbararobitaille.com).


A little note from the wonderful guest speaker, Barbara Robitaille…


“Life places many demands on our time and energy. The idea of achieving balance can feel like an unattainable dream. Many of us feel like we are constantly juggling and not often fully engaged in what we are doing and feel disconnected from what truly holds meaning in our lives. Balance is not a final destination or something you can possess and preserve and we create unnecessary stress believing balance is a permanent condition. Instead, balance is an activity that you continually engage in as you make choices and changes throughout your life. Balance becomes the harmonious integration of all aspects of your life ~ mental ~ emotional ~ spiritual ~ physical.’


That about covers everything, if you have more questions please feel free to contact Trainer Michelle, michelle@honestportland.com.


We are truly excited to be hosting this event again, and we look forward to seeing you soon!


Trainer Michelle and the Honest Team ☺


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