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Wise Words From Tahni Hamilton – Indoor Cycling Instructor + Total Badass

You know those home improvement shows where the overly-happy people aggressively remove walls between rooms?  Now, imagine if we did that at Honest Training. Nope, I have no desire for an open view of the bathroom but there are lessons from the spin studio that should defiantly be applied to circuit training.   Focusing on just two key cycling components will make a big difference in the benefits you receive – in both rooms of the studio.

Drafting – A peloton is when peers tightly gather together and feed off each other’s energy.  The community at Honest is your personal peloton, and this is priceless!  Sure, we all have our personal self –talk to get us through (ask me about my birth chant) but all the motivation you need is in the room and magically multiplies when it is accessed.

Who among us has not been pushed to do one more rep after Julie’s power song comes on?  That clapping sound you hear usually just prior to the final round? It is Malika encouraging you to pick up the pace and finish strong.  Cathy’s head bobbing in the front row is your cue to crank resistance on your bike.   What I have learned is at Honest – if people are looking at each other it is for inspiration not with judgment.  We inspire each other by showing up and trying, that’s it. If you are an inch closer to getting your knee to the ground during a lunge or have mastered the 36” box jump they carry the same inspirational impact.  Be proud of yourself, and share in each other’s victories since we earn them together.  Tell someone they inspire you, it is the best compliment a person can give.

Balance –If you lack balance on a bike, expect to kiss the pavement (or the trail for you cyclocross nuts out there).  In my classes you will hear me say “find that perfect balance between bad-ass and self-compassion”, this is not an easy task.  Balance is available to us only when we are tuned into to what our body is communicating to us that particular workout. I am still learning the difference between being uncomfortable and being injured.  Most of us have left workouts and regret for not pushing harder, try acknowledging that and learning from it vs. showering yourself negative self-talk.  On that note when I hear people complain about their body appearance I want to kick their ass, consider yourself warned. Be grateful for your ability today, so many others are not as fortunate. There are times to dig deep and push yourself and there are times to show yourself some grace, both are excellent choices.

There will come a day when we cannot all exercise together and draw off the group energy, today is not that day.  Let’s strive for balance in our lives so it will not be anytime soon.

Shine on my athletic friends –

*names have not been changed to protect the innocent

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