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Why Should We Do It?: Focus on Bike Form!

You know what’s more important than how fast you’re pedaling your indoor bike? Your form. Why do your feet keep going numb half-way through spinn class? Could be a dose of improper form. What could help alleviate the wrist pain you’re experiencing as you grip the handlebars?….*everyone together now*…..FORM!

This month’s “Why Should We Do It?” is all about your form. First and foremost you’ll want to set up the bike to fit your proportions (your Honest spinn instructors are always there to help, so show up 15 minutes early and they will set you up with your perfect bike fit). Here’s a short video that walks through setting up your bike.

What does proper indoor bike form look like? Well, here’s our beloved Coach Keith to demonstrate.



Take my hand friend. Let’s take a look at the basics.

  1. Relaxed face – Okay, okay this soooort of isn’t form but it’s still very important! When the going gets tough, we often find ourselves squinting and grimacing like we’re giving birth to a rhinoceros. Don’t waste that precious energy and relax the muscles you don’t need to use. Relaxing your face can also help ease your mind which can help you power through like the champ that you are.
  2. Elongated neck & neutral spine – Maintaining a flat back and elongating your neck will help protect you from unnecessary strain and injury. A flat back also adds stability and aids in force production.
  3. Shoulders down – Keeping your shoulders relaxed and down will prevent back pain and will allow you to focus on using the large muscles of your legs to move the bike. Don’t waste energy flexing muscles that aren’t helping your movement.
  4. Tight core – Maintaining a tight and engaged core will assist in keeping you balanced and upright every time your hips tilt as you push down on a pedal. It will also help prevent back pain.
  5. Slight bend in knee – You want a very slight bend in your straightened knee. People often lower their seats too far which increases the risk of injury and makes for an uncomfortable/awkward ride.
  6. Flat feet – Pedaling with your toes pointed down is likely why your feet keep going numb. You want to keep your feet flat and always push and pull through each pedal stroke.
  7. Straight wrists & loose grip – I can’t stress it enough, don’t waste energy where you don’t need it. A vice grip won’t help you push through a tough sequence. It’s also important that you keep your wrists nice and straight to prevent wrist pain and numb fingers.

Now that’s Why We Should Do It! Don’t put the bike…errr cart before the horse. Always maintain your perfect form throughout your ride. Proper alignment will help you avoid needless pain and injury and give you the best indoor cycling experience. Keep up the great work!

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