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November 4th:  What’s the Weirdest Thing You Learned this Week?!?! – Trainer Jared

It’s that time again!  Welcome to my weekly sampling of the weirdest/coolest things the interweb had to offer–read through and astound your friends and family as you litter your conversations with these tantalizing tidbits.  It’s science for the win! 


  • Plants Light the Way…

…all the way to their roots!  As if they weren’t cool enough for giving us oxygen and all those delightful nutrients, it turns out that plants are able to transmit light from their leaves, through their stems, and all the way into the ground to their root systems!!!  The research is new (and it might not hold up for all plants), but without this transmitted light, the studied plants failed to initiate new root growth.  (Read it here)

  • The Ties that Bind

Have you tried to dislodge a mussel from the rock it has claimed as its home? How’d that work out for you?  Scientists are working to utilize the same method mussels use to create an underwater adhesive for industrial and medical purposes (i.e. no more soggy band aids in the shower).  Even cooler, those crazy chemists are working to set up the molecules in the glue such that the adhesive properties can be turned on and off using electrical current—shocking, right?? (Check it out here)

  • Kettlebell Take Me Away!

Research posted in this month’s peer-reviewed journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise suggests that a good workout is just the thing to save you from the damage that work stress does to your body.  They checked in with a variety of cardiovascular and metabolic markers and found that  individuals who maintained the highest levels of cardiorespiratory fitness while under heavy work stress demonstrated a significantly decreased physiological response to that stress compared to more sedentary individuals.  Silly scientists, we’ve been saying this all along.  (Here it is)


P.S. – This is for those of you who were convinced I made up those stories of creepy parasites in honor of the Halloween holiday—true life is WAY stranger than fiction!  Check it out if you’re feeling brave, but be warned, there are videos…  Zombie Fungus, Zombie Snail, the Tongue Remover

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