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The Honest Tribe Has Spoken: New Sunday Skool Workout is a Hit!

New trainer Justin made a splash this weekend with the first-ever Sunday Skool session, a fast-paced blend of circuits, spin, ab-blasting core work, and a few surprises. The full class made the most of the extra hour of sleep by totally killing it in a five-board circuit, a 25-minute spin sesh loaded with great tunes and some new-to-Honest choreography, and an awesome ab series that left everyone flat on the floor—and grinning. Topped off with some quality foam-rolling time, everyone was eager to sign up for next week’s Sunday Skool and were happy to share their opinions after their first workout with Justin. Here’s what Honest clients had to say about the very first Sunday Skool class—90 minutes of heart-pounding, spring-cycling, weight-lifting, agility-boosting magic:

  • “Justin has a knack for yelling ‘Come on!’ at the exact moment you’re about to give up—he’s got his timing down.
  • “The class is super high energy, and you never get bored because you’re always changing rooms and stations.”
  • “Justin’s energy is a great complement to the other trainers at Honest, and it’s awesome to knock out a crazy-challenging (but fun!) workout on a weekend morning. I wish this class was offered a few times a week!”
  • “Justin’s music is so, so, so great. When a trainer’s music really hits you, it’s such good motivation. One of those spin songs had me sprinting faster and harder than ever before!”
  • “The Sunday Skool format is amazing—you really feel like you’re using all of your muscles, getting cardio and core work in a single workout. I’d love to see more classes like this!”
  • The bottom line? “Sunday Skool kicks your ass—in the best way.”

We love this new class because it allows you to get the “daily double” strength + cardio body boost in a single class—which is a total time saver and, as Justin explains, makes your truly feel like you accomplished something first thing in the morning. And after whatever your Saturday night activities may be, that sounds like a great deal. Want to be a part of the new Honest class that has everyone talking? Sign up for next week’s Sunday Skool on MindBody now, because we’re positive it’s going to be a hot ticket every week. The fun starts at 8:30 am. And if you can’t make it to class on Sunday morning, Justin is also going to be shaking up the Saturday morning circuits at 8:30, 10:15, and 11:15. Get pumped!

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