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Should You Skip the Gym When You’re Sick?

It’s that time of year—everyone at your office is coughing and sniffling, the doctors offices are full, and the weather won’t let you warm up enough to shake off that cold that’s been sneaking around your house for weeks. Then one morning you wake up with a little scratch in your throat, a bit of a headache, and you have to admit it. You’ve been hit with the winter bug that’s been going around. You don’t feel bad enough to take the day off work, but how about the gym? We asked Honest’s trainers to weigh in on whether it’s working out will make you feel better of worse.

Trainer Keith: “I think you should take a break when you initially feel something coming on, and when you are in the throws of illness, since sickness is often a sign that your body is telling you to slow down. But I think it’s ok to work out sick when you know you are on the road to recovery. Its always ok to generally take it a little easier when you are sick. I also recommend skipping heavy cardio when sick, as it can be rough on your system to get your heart rate up so high.”

Trainer Paisley: “I say if you’re sick, go easy no matter what… your immune system is already working super hard! If the workout does not make you feel better then TAKE A DAY OFF!”

Trainer Jared: “Ask yourself how you got sick—sometimes being sick is your body’s way of telling you you need to slow down and take a break! If you’ve been feeling run down for some time and your body knocks you on your butt, listen to it and make time to take care of yourself. If you’ve been sick and you’ve crossed into that stage in which the thought of resting any longer is a slow descent into madness, it’s probably ok to start back into a workout—but remember to listen to your body and focus on mobility and movement rather than pushing yourself to the extreme… or you’ll end up right back where you started!”

Trainer Justin: Take a day off. Just do it. Rest is super important and often overlooked.

We know you want to stay true to your health goals for the new year, but the #1 thing is taking care of yourself—that’s why you’re hanging out with us at Honest in the first place! We’ll always be here when you’re feeling better.

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