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Share Your Personal Goals with the Honest Family this Month

If you’ve been working out at Honest recently, you’ve likely witnessed two months of challenges—the September spin challenge and the October block run challenge—that added a fun touch of competition and prizes to the camaraderie of weekly workouts. This month, we’re taking a break from trying to outpace each other in order to spend some time supporting each other. Our November “challenge” is to write down your weekly goals and your six month goals on sticky notes and share them on the wall of the gym. Sharing your goals is a great way to add accountability and community support to your health and personal goals, from working out more times per week to drinking more water to hitting 10,000 steps a day to eating less sugar to watching less Netflix…whatever your goals, Honest trainers and the rest of this awesome community want to help you achieve them. Start small or aim big—it’s up to you! We’ll get back to winner-takes-all challenges in December, but for now let’s all lift each other up and give thanks for this incredible place we get to share and the wonderful support we have in each other.

Need some goal inspiration? Why not aim to focus on form in your circuits, not speed or difficulty? Or set a goal of trying a new exercise—head to a yoga class or try one of trainer Justin’s Weekend Warrior circuits to mix things up. Or attempt to eat a new kind of vegetable once a week—you can search for recipes online for inspiration. The options are endless, and we want to see what inspires and drives you!

Want some help accomplishing those goals? Here are some tips for making—and keeping—health goals that can change your life. Good goals are “SMART”: Specific, Measurable, Accountable, Realistic, Timeframe. “Lose weight” or “work out more” are general goals that can be tough to stick to and measure. For optimum results, pick a goal that you can track and measure, like a specific number of workouts per week or a set number of glasses of water per day. Then you can have fun checking off those numbers! Always ask yourself what you want to accomplish and why. Identifying your motivation can help you when the going gets tough. For extra motivation, write down your own personal why and keep it with you in you wallet or on your phone’s lock screen to remind you what drives your health efforts. And remember—the Honest team has your back!

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