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Open Gym… What Is It And Why You Need To Go.

Hey!  Paisley here (owner of Honest) I wanted to tell you all about our newest “class” OPEN GYM.

(btw the pic above was not taken at Honest 😉

This is the first time we have done an “OPEN GYM” so let me explain…

When you get to the studio there will be a written out, structured workout. Including warm up.

One of the Honest trainers will do a quick overview of the workout and a quick demo.

There will NOT be an instructor “instructing” tho…

We will be there if you have any quick questions or concerns as well as making sure everyone is being safe, but for the most part you are on your own.  

You can just follow along!

The workout will be simple with clear instruction.  Nothing fancy.  It is imp that you feel comfortable working out by yourself.  So not the best class for newbies 🙂

The focus is on heavier weight, lower reps.  The workout style will provide more rest between sets.  Look forward to squats, dead-lifts, presses, pull-ups and more!  *Remember there are modifications for all exercises.

Benefits to lifting heavy…
1. Elevates levels of anabolic hormones—specifically testosterone, growth hormone and insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1)—which are used to repair muscle fibers damaged during exercise. This helps the muscle fibers to become thicker and capable of generating higher levels of force.
2. Lifting heavy weights increases production of the hormone IGF-1. This hormone is related to the production of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a neurotransmitter responsible for stimulating the growth of new neural pathways in the brain along with enhancing communication between existing pathways. In short, lifting heavy could make you smarter by enhancing cognitive function.
3. Training with heavy weights helps you to improve your self-confidence. Knowing that you can lift heavy stuff gives you the confidence that you can handle common challenges, such as a putting a bag in the overhead bin on an airplane or carrying a heavy piece of furniture while reorganizing a room or helping a friend move.
4. Strength training with heavy weights improves muscle definition. Muscle definition occurs as the result of muscles remaining in a state of semi-contraction and heavy strength training recruits the larger type II muscle fibers responsible for a muscle’s appearance. (Info found on acefitness.com)

You are welcome to modify any exercise you would like!  It’s your workout.

There will be GREAT beats playing and some of your fav trainers sweating away!  Come pump some iron with us! 

You will need to sign up for this “class” in our Mindbody, so please make sure you have an account set up! 

This is a SCREAM’IN GOOD deal for someone interested in a written out workout 2x a week. OR a great add on to a current membership! 

$15 Drop in fee

$49 add on fee to an existing Honest membership (This includes 8 OPEN GYM WORKOUTS A MONTH)

$69 a month for ONLY 8 Open Gym classes a month. *these classes can ONLY BE USED FOR OPEN GYM WORKOUTS, NOT CIRCUIT OR CYCLE. 


BUT you are more that welcome to use your current Honest membership/package sessions for these classes 🙂 

> Both the $49 and $69 options will be set up as an auto-pay <

Any questions? Email me at Paisley@honestportland.com 

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