Nothing in life is more precious than your health.  Then why is it that we make other things a priority so easily?  Our health and wellness are the foundation of everything we do and everything we are. My favorite words when starting a nutrition program...

  • Recommitment
  • Patience
  • Practice
  • Consistency

Success requires these. Everyone WILL experience being challenged by commitment. Make the life you want a priority. When things don’t go as planned, put one foot in front of the other and recommit, be consistent and be patient. There is NO room here for self criticism.

Honest Nutrition
  • Learn the value in learning to recommit. Make mistakes (enjoy them) and get back on track!
  • Use the 8/20 rule!
  • Be patient with the process, know that it won't always look exactly like you want it to.
  • All of this is just behavior change... and it takes practice! The road to success is not one straight line, it is full of ups and downs. Try to see the big picture... Be practical!


Start with setting up some goals and have people keep you accountable. Don’t try to make it all happen at once, implement in manageable bites. Know the benefits of fitness and the health risks of unfitness…. and Don’t Quit! Find things that inspire you daily.

Know that you DO need structure and accountability in your life! WE ALL DO! Don’t feel bad for asking for help. Find your fitness community! These are the people that will keep you going. The inspiring, fun and sometimes entertaining people that make that workout much more FUN!

Structure. Accountability. Community. Find conviction. You need many action plans.


HOLISTIC NUTRITION? = A nutrition plan that includes ALL parts of your life... YOU are an individual and have unique and individual plan. Know your metabolic type so you can begin choosing the foods that are best for YOU. Also, PAY ATTENTION to what works best for YOU! If something works and makes you feel good... repeat that!

No matter what your health challenge is... Stop eating or significantly reduce the sugars and grains. Particularly the processed forms. Also KNOW that you need carbs, protein, and fat in your diet.

STRESS summates... No matter what the stress is our bodies respond the same! This is your flight or fight response! How are you handling the ALL stress in your life?

  1. Sleep/REST! The most important medicine!
  2. Nutrition... Organic whole foods!
  3. Water/Hydration. Drink half your bodyweight in ounces. Metabolism and digestion.
  4. Functional Movement! Primal Movements: Squat, Lunge, Bend, Twist, Push, Pull, Crunch, Gait.
  5. Emotional/Spiritual. Law of Attraction. Thoughts and emotions influence most of your health.
  6. Breathing.  Posture, food and stress.