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Meet Trainer Bree and Read her Amazing Story!

I was IMMEDIATELY DRAWN TO BREE from the start… our shared passion and enthusiasm for fitness is undeniable.  I KNEW I wanted to work with BREE.  Now Bree teaching Tuesday/Thursday 7-8a Spinn and a foundations circuit class Friday’s at 5:45p @ Honest Training.  Here is her AMAZING story…

“If anyone would have told me years ago that I would become a fitness instructor, I would have thought they were making fun of how out of shape I was. As someone that knows what it’s like to carry around an extra 90lbs (and loose it), I believe  in the power of a positive space and supportive fitness community. Creating a space that is uplifting, inspiring, and challenging is something I aim for with every class.

In late 2007 I experienced what many would refer to as a “bottom”. I felt like I was falling apart. I was unhappy, unhealthy, and miserable. Something (meaning everything) had to change. My quest for a healthier, happier “me” was on it’s way, though I had no idea at the time.

The first time I stepped into a gym I felt overwhelmed, intimidated, and like everyone was looking at how heavy I was. Maroon faced and gasping for air, I could barely do 10 minutes of cardio. Getting started was challenging, but I began eating healthier and seeing results. Over the following 3 years, I had ups and downs with my size, though I never went back to my max weight.

While living in Florida (I am a native Portlander) I had started going to the local YMCA. I went maybe twice a week and stuck mostly to the cardio machines. I was curious about their group exercise classes, but too scared to do one by myself. After 3 months of peeking into the class windows and then slinking away, I finally worked up the nerve to try my first Zumba class. I loved it! I quickly started doing as many classes as I could and began looking forward to my workouts.

That year my dad passed to cancer. Instead of turning to food or other unhealthy behaviors like I had done in the past, I turned to fitness (and my community through it) to handle my grief. Through that process I developed an exercise habit, became certified as a Zumba instructor, and shortly after began leading classes in the very same room I had been so scared to step into.  I have since added certifications through ACE as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor, as well as cardio cycling.

I have learned it is NEVER too late to abandon disbelief and discover your best “you”. It is not easy. However, when you have a great community to support you it sure is helpful and can even be a lot of fun. I love helping the beginner who is afraid  to walk into the gym find empowerment through strengthening  their body and I love giving the conditioned athlete one hell of a workout!”

Before                           After!

bree before after

If this story has motivated you to take action on your fitness email us at Paisley@honestportland.com and we will get you set up for a FREE CONSULT!  Start your exercise habit TODAY!

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