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Meet Carl Baird, Cool Dude, Awesome Chiropractor.

In the world of bodywork, it’s hard to find people who really look at the body holistically… AND are cool to hang out with.  When I read about Carl’s approach to his work I knew we would mesh!  Carl combines chiropractic work and therapeutic fitness to improve daily performance and create long-term pain relief for his patients… it’s awesome!  I highly recommend him for any pain or injury that pops up for you.

Carl has a super sweet offer for all of you too!  His low-cost introductory offer is $49, which covers the initial exam and first treatment (adjustments, soft tissue work, etc).  He is located on NE 7th so close to the studio!

Here’s more about Carl…

Tell us a little bit about yourself, who are you?!
The hardest question to answer! I’m a tall, semi-funny, semi-athletic, sports chiropractor. I own a dog
named Bandit who comes pretty much everywhere with me. I would consider my personality to be half
hippie ‘free spirit’ and half Midwestern ‘tough love’ attitude. I love camping, paddleboarding, and
basketball. I like to keep things simple.

Why did you want to become a chiro?
I wanted to help people become healthy rather than manage symptoms.
My mother went back to medical school when I was 9 or 10 years old. I watched as she put
the work to go through medical school while raising a family. I also watched as she left the
medical field after becoming disenfranchised with what the hospital/insurance side of
medicine had become.  Chiropractic medicine gives a conservative and preventative approach which I believe is so important to maintaining our health as we age.

What made you want to open your own business?

A strong belief that there needs to be a change in our approach to healthcare. And a passion
to share that belief with the world. That….and I’ve never been very good at working for other

How long have you lived in PDX? What is your favorite part of living in Portland, OR?
I was born and raised in Portland but did move to Pennsylvania for college and lived in Denver for 4
years after graduating from chiropractic school. My family and longtime friends are my favorite part of
being back in Portland. But I also enjoy that it’s so bike friendly and close to the ocean, mountain,
forest, desert, etc.

What is your favorite way to workout/train/move?  
A heavyweight lifting session followed by a short high-intensity Interval workout.

Why is working out so important to you?
It’s an activity that I can get 100% immersed in. Doesn’t matter what else is going on, I can
focus on the task at hand.

What 1 food and 1 beverage could you not live without?
I go out for Pho AT LEAST once a week (even on hot summer days). Favorite places to go
are Pho Oregon and HA & VL. I don’t know if there is one beverage I couldn’t do without, but
I do love a good whiskey ginger.

What is your current self-care routine, and why is it important to you?
Morning meditation/visualization followed by 10-minute movement routine. It helps me set my mind
right at the start of the day.

What is your biggest outlet for your creative expression?

I would say my business (as I lack even the most basic creative/art skills). The beautiful thing
about owning your own business is it is an expression of yourself. You easily identify your
strengths and your weaknesses. You’re forced to ask questions about who you are as a
person and what value you want to bring into the world.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?
I have watched every season of the show Survivor (yes that show is still on). I think I’d have
a shot to win if I didn’t become a monster when I’m hungry.

Thanks again Carl! Check out more about Carl and his business Evolve Performace Healthcare > performancehealthcarepdx.com  or check him out on Instagram @performancehealthcarepdx

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