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Meet Aubree Benson PT, DPT, Clinic Director of Therapeutic Associates


Have you ever wondered who works at Therapeutic Associates in the building next to ours?  Well, I’m happy to say that it’s another awesome lady in my series of awesome ladies who inspire me daily! Aubree Benson is the clinic director for the NE Therapeutic Associates.  Aubree has a significant amount of experience treating a wide variety of orthopedic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular injuries and disorders. Due to her personal interests and hobbies, she has a special interest in working with runners, triathletes, and endurance athletes of all skill levels and ages.

I have been treated by Aubree and was impressed by her knowledge and completely relieved by how cool, comfortable, and easy to chat with she was!  I HIGHLY recommend her for any issue that may pop up for you!

In fact, Aubree has extended a VERY generous offer: a complementary injury screen to all of you!  Yup, you can call or email in and schedule one now!  Go to their site here for all the contact info.  Just let them know you are an Honest client!  

Read on for a little more about Aubree.

How long have you lived in PDX? What is your favorite part of living in Portland, OR?

Almost 14 years.  I moved to Forest Grove, OR from CA in 2000 to attend PT school and then moved to PDX when I graduated in 2003.

I love the green that surrounds our city and that it’s a city of acceptance for diversity.

What is your favorite way to workout/train/move?  

Running is my passion.  I’ve been running for about 30 years.

Why is working out so important to you?

Movement, health and mental stress relief.

What 1 food and 1 beverage could you not live without?

Sushi and water (red wine is very close second).

What is your biggest outlet for your creative expression?

“Dance parties” with my 3-year-old son.

What is something that most people don’t know about you?

I danced ballet for 10 years when I was younger.

Thanks Aubree!

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