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“EMPOWERMENT THROUGH NUTRITION” is his philosophy… and he does it well!  Meet Alex everyone!

Alex spoke at our last Honest Talk we hosted and totally impressed us with his vast knowledge, fun personality, and inspiration message.  So much that I wanted HAD to share him with ALL of YOU!

In Case You Need Clarification… What Is Nutritional Therapy ?

Nutritional therapy is a holistic science-based approach to health that recognizes many of our modern health problems are the result of weaknesses in the body caused by poor nutrition and lifestyle factors.  With nutritional therapy we are able to help prevent and address fundamental causes of dysfunction in the body rather than addressing symptoms. Optimal health is built on certain biochemical foundations including a properly prepared nutrient dense diet, properly functioning digestion, blood sugar regulation, mineral balance, fatty acid balance and hydration. Dysfunction in the body is directly related to weaknesses in these foundations , and with nutritional therapy we can detect and remedy these weaknesses. Nutritional therapy uses a number of tools to help create a customized nutrition program and help you reach optimal health and meet your goals!

Basically what all that means is… IF YOU ARE NEEDING SUPPORT WITH YOUR NUTRITION and or WEIGHT LOSS GOALS … This is your DUDE.  He works with his clients to build lasting HABITS!  Which is what this all is right?  Behavior change.  

Alex is a brilliant dude who knows his stuff… his article on “Why We Overeat” really helped ME!  Check it out here >evolvenutritionaltherapy.com/eat-to-evolve-blog/2015/5/19/why-we-overeat-part-1-feast-famine

Alex is taking new clients and has a sweet offer for ANYONE WHO IS READING THIS RIGHT NOW!  30% off his reg priced sessions!  

“These sessions or consultations are one on one with clients and have shorter (30-45  minute) consultations that take place every one to two weeks depending on client needs. During each consultation I work with clients on one habit that we are going to focus on in between consultations (1- 2 weeks) . The focus on one habit allows the client to not get overwhelmed by too much change. With consultations every one to two weeks it allows me to support clients, keep them accountable and  focused. I check in with clients regularly to help track progress and make any necessary adjustment.”

  • 6 consultations: REGULARLY $455 NOW $350!
  • 9 consultations: REG $ 625, NOW $480
  • 12 consultations: REG $ 845 ( Best consultation for those looking to meet on a weekly basis), NOW $650!  WHAT?!  

Seriously you guys, this will change your life.

More about Alex and his website here >evolvenutritionaltherapy.com OR email him directly at evolvent.pdx@gmail.com

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