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Introducing NEW Honest Instructor, Paige Capps!

We are so excited to welcome Paige Capps to the Honest crew! Paige is getting rave reviews for her Spin Class style! We’re so glad she is on the schedule more and more this fall! Read on & get to know Paige! And after the last amazing fact you’re going to have to sign up for a Saturday spin class to get some answers from Paige – the miracle baby! Check out the NEW discounted rates for Indoor Cycling Class Packages.

How long have you had a regular fitness routine? How did you get started?

I did pretty much every sport as a kid, but in college rugby was my life. I became the captain, coordinator, & conditioning coach, and I lived in the rugby house! Rugby was the most challenging athletic adventure I’ve ever been a part of, and I loved it! In rugby, people of all sizes are needed and that is one of my favorite parts of the sport. It taught me how everyone is able to be a beast in their own way…whether that means smashing through 5 people or sprinting around the opposing team. Unfortunately I broke my leg at the end of my senior year. I didn’t go back to rugby, and I’ve been seeking other fun fitness endeavors ever since!

Do you have any advice for someone who is new at Honest? Or thinking about a membership?

Be ready to be surprised by how well everyone knows each other. A lot of gyms & studios claim community is an important component to them, but at Honest, it’s a real and a great thing! Our clients work their butts off (or rather glutes on), and they have no problem throwing some sass our way while they sweat.

What is your favorite class at Honest?

METCON at Honest is my jam. I love running into exhaustion with strength and cardio workouts. Outside of Honest, Kettlebells are my jam. They are so versatile – working every muscle in fluid functional movements!

How do you stay motivated?

I love variety. Within a given month I will ski, bike, play racquetball, circuit train, trail run, yoga, swim laps, etc.  I am comfortable being “mid pack” on most everything, but I want to train so that I’m ready for that last minute invite to climb St. Helens, or be a substitute on a relay team, etc.

How long have you lived in Portland? Where else have you lived?

I’ve lived in Portland for a total of 10 years. I grew up in Midland, TX, then moved to Corvallis for 2 years, then to Portland. I went off to Moscow, Idaho for my first year of college, then transferred to U of O in Eugene. Portland is where I’ve planted roots. I love how weird Portland is! Every time a true hippie rides past me on a 2-story bicycle, my heart grows a little bit bigger.

What is your creative outlet?

In the summer I’m outside making wood sculptures. One of my degrees is in art sculpture! In the winter I get creative with painting, crafting, or puzzling. I love them all!

What is your self-care routine?

I have a skydiving license, so when it’s summer, and I have a day off, I’m probably 12,000ft in the air – and in the most at peaceful state I’ll be all week!

What’s your favorite kind of music for working out?

Pop & hip-hop. I love finding cool new music for my daily life and for class.

In my spin classes you’ll find me playing a lot of 00’s and today’s pop & hip-hop.

Is there a food & drink that you couldn’t live without?

Oh my goodness there are sooo many delicious types of food especially in Portland and my head starts to overwhelm itself trying to choose just one. That said, no matter what I eat, I always want it paired with a fizzy beverage and finished with chocolate ice cream.

What hobby/activity/sport would you love to explore?

Summer: Kite-surfing! We did a day trip to Hood River recently and I am now determined to make kite-surfing my 2019 summer goal.

Winter: Snowshoeing! I don’t know why I’ve never gone snowshoeing, and I need to right this wrong come snow season.

What is your idea of the perfect day-off?

I’m always trying to plan an adventure or activity with my fiancé. Sometimes it’s just a roller blading date, or we’re adventuring off to the coast, or on a hike in the gorge. And if my fiancé is at work, you guessed it…I’m off skydiving!

What is something most people don’t know about you?

Born dead, ya’ll.

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