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Introducing Cate Wade!

We’ve been so lucky to have Cate Wade in the Honest studio lately! Cate’s classes have been getting rave reviews from Honest clients – everyone mentions how fun she is! Catch Cate this coming Saturday morning for Strength & Conditioning.

Get to know a little more about Cate here on the Honest blog, and be sure to follow her on instagram @wadeopotatopeach!

How long have you been working as a trainer?

Since 2002, baby!

What’s your favorite type of work-out?

Anything thoughtful and purposeful. I love lifting with a spotter and being able to safely find failure.

How do you stay motivated to keep a healthy routine?  

I am human and this is a process! About to sign up with a sports performance coach to help me work with my blind spots.

How long have you lived in Portland? Where else have you lived?

Since 2007. Home is Cape Cod, MA.

What is your creative outlet?

I went to Art School so I feel a certain set of guilt I don’t much of it now. (Seriously, hound me to paint/draw something!)

Is there a food & drink you couldn’t live without?

Not really sure on this one. Probably bananas or protein bars?  The snack you carry with you and saves your ass when you’re wicked hungry.

What’s your favorite kind of music for working out? Or otherwise?

Gay Dance remixes 1,000%

What is your idea of the perfect day-off?

No agenda; intuition driven adventure.


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