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Honest Fitness Vacation 2017

I just got home from a 6 day fitness vacation in Kona.  THE MOST EPIC, amazing, FUN and easy trip I have ever been on!  Over and over, I just kept saying to my self “I can’t believe I get paid to do this?!  This is MY life right now!” All thanks to Kim Faden of Kona Fit Camp and the 8 MOST fun and easy going clients ever!  The feelings of gratitude are OVER whelming.

There are also tremendous feelings of pride.  I just feel really proud of myself for taking all the steps, all the risk and for getting really uncomfortable.  It totally paid off!  In full transparency I didn’t even really know Kim.  She walked into my studio one day and said “Are you Paisley!?  Do you want to take clients to Kona on a fitness vacation?  Umm YES -Me” and 2 days later we partnered up!  I just had a gut feeling that she was super kick ass and totally trustworthy.  Beyond that I had never lead a trip like this… or any trip for that matter.


My whole career there have been aspirations of leading a fitness vacation.  Over the last year I went into research mode, focused on the vision and really “put it out there” as a professional goal.  It was like I was just waiting for Kim to walk into my studio.

It was not ALL smooth sailing. No doubt there were freak out moments.  No doubt I was scared at moments. No doubt I was very uncomfortable and unsure of the success. But, I kept moving forward.  And, like a lot of ventures in life it could not have paid off more.  I had SO much fun, laughed so hard and relaxed a ton.  Moral of this story.. take the risk!  Do something you have always wanted to do! It will be scary and you will have moments where you don’t think you  know what you are doing!  DO IT ANYWAYS.

Just to make you all a little jealous here’s what our week looked like…

Day 1: We made it to Kona and I for one went strait to the pool upon arrival Words and photos cannot capture the beauty of this place 🌺  While on tour of the estate we discovered that there are fruit trees and coffee plants everywhere! AND, we were lucky enough to sample them all! We even got to try a fresh cacao bean! After a beautiful dinner and went RIGHT to bed (well I did).


Day 2: Breakfast of fresh fruit from the estate grounds, Kona coffee ☕️  and fresh homemade tamales! Fueled up, excited and ready to work; we crushed the day by rocking 2 workouts at 2 different beaches 🌊  and learned to snorkel 🐠 ! No bad right?! Well, it is Hawaii. Why would we NOT relax by the pool before dinner🌺 ? Dinner!!!! Grilled local fish and veggies. Oh… and Kim made us the cocktail of the evening which gave way to evening long conversation about how awesome/beautiful the estate was.


Day 3: We started the day with walking/running up “THE HILL” to watch the sunrise 🌅  What a challenge and our reward for the accomplishment could not have been better. But before long it was onto the next challenge. We fueled up again with fresh fruit and  #kona #coffee before our “mostly upper body” workout 😉 The rest of the day was a free day, so there were trips to town for shopping and massages (YES we had our own masseuse) followed by pool time 🐸  For dinner we grilled almost all local ingredients (yummy fish and veggies) and sipped on a cocktail by the pool and laughed until bedtime. #bestdayever


Day 4: woke up early for a kick ass bootcamp style workout💪🏼  Coffee and breakfast 🍳  Then we headed out for a long hike in snorkeling spot (Captain Cook) 🐠  Saw ALL the fish, then hiked back out!  It was a physically tough day but everyone survived. 🐟🐡  Pool time (of course) followed… grilled out, sipped on homemade margaritas, guac and laughed until bedtime.


Day 5: we woke up extra early for a 90m workout💪🏼  Breakfast of Portuguese sausage, eggs and fruit picked from trees right in our back yard. Had an awesome mid day hanging out with my sister (yes, she and her hubs and my lil nieces happened to be here too) 💓 Then we headed to a sunset whale watching booze cruz.  Saw tons of whales and the most amazing sunset.


Day 6: YES we worked-out! Most “I don’t want to workout faces” I’ve seen in a while 🙂 Awesome breakfast then we packed up to leave! So much love and respect for all these ladies… literally the easiest, most fun trip I’ve ever taken. #ilovemyjob 💓 Can’t wait to do it again! See you soon snowy #portland Goodbye beautiful #hawaii


Stay tuned for details for next year!

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