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Honest Community Standout(s): Kendra Little & Jeremiah Peschka!

“The path to greatness is along with others.” – Baltasar Gracion

This month it was my turn (Trainer Loni) to nominate our Honest Community Standout. I hemmed and hawed on what to do because I had two very special clients in mind and I just couldn’t pick one without the other. How do you choose peanut butter without jelly? Peas without carrots?

I couldn’t choose between them…so I didn’t! Congratulations to Kendra Little and Jeremiah Peschka! (These two are not only workout buddies, but a real life couple. Awwwww.)

I chose Kendra and Jeremiah because not only are they dedicated, hard-working and inspirational individually, but they support and encourage each other (and others) every step of the way. They have absolutely transformed over the past year and it’s an amazing thing to witness. Sometimes they workout together, sometimes on their own, but every time they each bring life and humor to the room. They take their workouts seriously and their commitment doesn’t stop at the studio, they live the lifestyle and make health a priority. They have each impacted me personally and I couldn’t be more proud of all they have accomplished.



Now before I get all , let’s hear from the dream team themselves!

What brought you to Honest?

Jeremiah: Small group training… it was close. I had done CrossFit for years and I like the small group approach, but I wasn’t devoted to CrossFit itself.

Kendra: Jeremiah sent me the link to the website, and I loved the idea right away.

What were your initial fitness and health goals?

Jeremiah: I wanted to “get in shape and lose a bit of weight.” I was really vague at first, I’ve learned more about setting fitness goals.

Kendra: I wanted to work out regularly to help me manage stress, sleep better, feel more alert, and improve my mood. Honest is a great place to help with these things. Not only do you get many of these benefits from exercise, but being around positive and encouraging people in class gives an extra boost.

How long have you been training at Honest?

Jeremiah and Kendra: We’ve been training at Honest for close to a year – we started around December of 2015.

How often do you train?

Jeremiah: I train 3 times a week. I always try to make it to the Sunday morning 90 minute class – the combination of strength and cardio is killer. During the week, I like to do circuit training.

Kendra: I train between 3 and 5 times a week, depending on my schedule. Each of the trainers at Honest is friendly and has their own unique approach, so it’s fun to mix and match different classes.

What changes have you noticed since you started working out at Honest? (Both physically and mentally)

Jeremiah: I can focus better, that’s a big one. Regular exercise is so important for being able to pay attention to the world around you. That focus has also made me more aware of my physical condition – I’m better about knowing when I’m trying to do something I shouldn’t be doing.

Kendra: I’m both stronger and smaller. After working out for a month, I was doing well on my initial health goals. I started changing my eating habits to compliment to my workout habits. I’ve lost 45 pounds since I started working out at Honest. I fit into airplane seats more easily, can carry heavy things around without thinking about it much, and generally have lots more energy.

What motivates you during a particularly tough workout?

Jeremiah: The harder the workout, the less I have to think, really. Tough workouts are, in a weird way, easier because all I can do is keep doing each movement correctly before I move to the next exercise. Working out is like meditation for me – it relieves so much stress. I think that’s really my motivator – there’s no stress at the end of the workout; everything is cleared out.

Kendra: I remind myself that you don’t know how easy or tough something is until you do it. The mental expectation that something is “tough” is usually the hardest thing to get through.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Honest?

Jeremiah: Everyone is so supportive, there’s such a strong community of people. Even though we’re all coming in to work out, I feel like I get to know the people I work out with.

Kendra: Working out with a group makes the time fly by. If I’m on a treadmill alone, I just count the minutes until I’m done. If I’m spinning with a group of people, I’m part of something bigger and I want to push until the end. The positive, non-judgmental attitude of Honest is part of the magic – I’m working out with others, and we’re all there to make ourselves stronger and have fun.

What are your long term fitness and health goals?

Jeremiah: As silly as it sounds, I’d love to be able to do an overhead squat. I have shoulder mobility problems, so getting to a point where I can do an overhead squat would be great 😀

Kendra: I want to be fit enough to do multi-day bike rides and long hikes without it causing major stress on my knees or back. I am also starting to see building strength as an investment to help protect against injury as I age.

What advice do you have for other Honest clients to help them get the most out of the experience?

Jeremiah: Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Everyone needs help or input sometimes, it’s how we all get better.

Kendra: If you’ve ever worried about people judging you at other gyms, you don’t have to worry about that here. If someone is looking at you, it’s either because your trainer wants to help you with your form, or a classmate wants to make friends.

What is your favorite fitness move or exercise?

Jeremiah: Good mornings. I don’t know why, they’re just a lot of fun for me.

Kendra: Ball slams. It’s therapy and exercise at the same time.

What is a fitness move or exercise that really challenges you?

Jeremiah: Anything that involves standing on one foot – my balance is terrible, so I spend as much time not falling over as I do exercising.

Kendra: Anything involving planks. They’re totally worthwhile, but mentally very tough.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

Jeremiah: I used to do both ballet and tap dancing and I’ve performed in half a dozen musicals.

Kendra: At different periods in my life I have been a cheerleader, a synchronized swimmer, and a graduate student in Philosophy.

Congratulations again you two! You deserve all this credit and more!

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