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Honest Community Standout: Sarah Hepp!

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.” –  Mahatma Gandhi

It’s time again my friends, to spread the love. Every month one of our trainers selects a client who exemplifies the spirit and determination we encourage at Honest Small Group Training. They look for a client who lives the lifestyle and leaves a nice sweat puddle while doing it…a client who is an overall shining star. Let’s give it up for our Honest Community Standout for the month of August…..*drumroll please*

The lovely Sarah Hepp! 

Sarah was nominated by Paisley (owner of Honest) herself! They’ve logged many training sessions together over the years and here’s what Paisley had to say.

“I chose Sarah as our Honest Community Standout because she is one of the most dedicated, hardworking clients I have had the pleasure of working with.  Sarah takes her fitness seriously… this goes beyond her workouts as she is consistent about her rest days, using lacrosse balls/foam rolling, and seeing her physical therapist and massage therapist.  She pushes herself but also knows when is too much… I appreciate this as a trainer!  It is SO wonderful to work with a client like Sarah who actually takes an interest in why we do certain things and what exercises will be most beneficial for her specific body.  

Sarah is also just a blast to have around (not just because she laughs, or rather giggles, at EVERY SINGLE one of my jokes… good and bad) but she makes the whole room just enjoy the workout more.  She makes new people feel welcome and comfortable.  She also has GREAT fitness fashion. 

THANKS Sarah Hepp for being such an important in FUN part of Honest!  WE LOVE YOU!!!”

Now let’s find out a little more about the woman of the hour. I pulled Sarah aside for a nice chat (snuggled in a shared blanket under a sturdy oak tree) about her Honest journey. Here’s what she had to say.

What brought you to Honest?

Matthew Barney

*Just a second, pause the interview…For those of you who don’t know him, Matthew Barney is a Cycling Tour Guide, Trainer and also the handsome bearded fiancé of our fearless leader Paisley! Now let’s continue* 

I started an outdoor bootcamp led by Matthew Barney.  Then he was hired to do Bicycle Adventures, and Paisley took over the outdoor bootcamp.  Once it got too cold outside, we moved indoors to her old gym on MLK.  Then I moved here to her new space just blocks from my house!!

What were your initial fitness and health goals?

When I first started working out, my main goal was to lose weight and feel better about myself.

How long have you been training at Honest?

A little over three years.

How often do you train?

I try to do three circuits and two spin classes a week.

What changes have you noticed since you started working out at Honest? (Both physically and mentally)

Physically, I am way stronger than when I started and it is what keeps me level-headed mentally.  I feel so much more balanced on the days that I work out.  It is what starts my day.

What motivates you during a particularly tough workout?

Paisley and my #7amers!  Paisley knows just when to give you that little extra push just when you need it.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Honest?

My #7amers, the trainers and the community overall is awesome!

What are your long term fitness and health goals?

I want to continue to show up, to keep moving, and to stay strong, healthy and positive.

What advice do you have for other Honest clients to help them get the most out of the experience?

I love Paisley’s “use it or lose it” policy.  It’s what makes me schedule my workouts and show up!  So my advice is to “use it, don’t lose it.”

What is your favorite fitness move or exercise?

I love squats!  Really any leg exercises.

What is a fitness move or exercise that really challenges you?

Pull ups and push ups

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

I came to Portland, Oregon in 1998 for a two-week vacation to visit my brother and I did not return home to North Carolina.  I had all of my belongings and my car shipped out here to me. I love it here.

Portland is happy to have you Sarah! I’ve had the pleasure of working out with her several times and couldn’t agree more that she deserves this accolade. Congratulations Sarah! Keep being awesome!

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