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Honest Community Standout: Paige Rishel!

“Your vibe attracts your tribe” – Anonymous 


Honest Community Standout: Paige Rishel!

Honest Small Group Training isn’t just a place to workout, it’s a community. It is a group of amazing people (trainers and clients alike) forming friendships, inspiring and motivating each other and joining together in their efforts for health and wellness. Honest couldn’t be what it is without its incredible clients and we want to take this moment to tell you how great we think you really are!

It’s time for some well deserved client appreciation! This month we want to recognize Paige Rishel! She was nominated by trainer Jared Kelsey who had this to say:

“She comes to my classes twice a week, she works her ASS off, and she’s always smiling and excited to be there! (and she dances to the music in between sets)”

Thank you Paige, for your contagious energy and impressive drive and commitment. You are one of the many clients who makes Honest a wonderful community to be a part of.

I took a moment to sit down with Paige and find out what motivates her to be the kick-ass client that she is. Here’s a peek at our chat!

What brought you to Honest?

I’ve always been into sports and I’ve always been really active. In the past few years I’ve just been running and I felt I needed to focus more on flexibility and mobility and those sort of things. I found myself feeling really stiff after long runs and I didn’t really know what to do. I’d never worked out with a trainer before but I had worked out in a group setting and really liked it, so I found the Honest website and BAM! It’s a really good mix.

So that also covers my next question of what your initial fitness and health goals were. Any other initial goals?

Yeah, just to build flexibility and not feel so rickety and old after I went running. I really feel like I’ve accomplished that.

How long have you been training at Honest?

I started mid October so 5 months or so.

How often do you train?

I come every weekday. So 5 days a week in the afternoons.

What changes have you noticed since you started working out, both physically and mentally?

I definitely walk in and the troubles of the day just sort of melt away and I leave feeling so much better. It’s good for my overall mental health. I definitely feel so much more at ease and just in a better mood. I also feel like I can go on a long run and I don’t feel as rickety anymore. I can turn around in the car and I’m no longer all stiff. I’ve definitely noticed improvements in those categories.

What motivates you during a tough workout?

Well, this is my hour. So it’s my hour to give it everything I have. I come here so often that sometimes everything I have isn’t always that much and it goes through waves throughout the hour but this is my time and I’m going to try to squeeze everything I can out of it. When I’m done I can go back to all the responsibilities I have but this is where I get to really focus on myself and give it my all.

What are your long term fitness and health goals?

As I get older I definitely want to stay healthy and active and be able to keep moving all the time. So I’m trying to continue to build strength and flexibility. I’m still running on weekends and initially was trying to run in the mornings as well as working out in the afternoons but I was just too tired. I really just want to stay active and be able to go for a long run and not feel bad afterwards.

What advice do you have for other Honest clients?

If something is on my calendar I show up. The consistency and availability of workouts here are so great and there’s such a positive vibe coming in here, so just give into it. It makes it really fun and easy to come in and workout. I think you can get a lot out of it so just show up and have fun!

What is your favorite move or exercise here? You probably have several but what is one or two that you absolutely love?

I have grown to love the ab roller! At first I was really intimidated by it but now I really like it. Also because the next morning I can totally feel it in my abs! I also kind of like old-school weight lifting moves like deadlifts and squats. I like the old-school “grandpa moves”.

What is one of your least favorite or better put, more challenging moves?

The pull-ups and hanging from the bar. Those are tough. But I also get excited when I see them on the circuit because I keep getting better at them and it feels like I take its power away.

What is your guilty-pleasure “I deserve a treat” comfort food? If you do 80/20 what is in your 20%?

Wine! A glass of wine or something like dark chocolate covered almonds. Thats what I like to save and give myself.

Thank you for being such an awesome Honest client Paige!

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