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Honest Community Standout: Lily Ho!

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” – Rumi

It’s time again to celebrate one of our amazing clients at Honest Training! Each of our clients play an important role in making Honest the wonderful and inclusive community it is. Without further ado, let’s put our hands together for November’s Honest Community Standout….

Lily Ho!

Lily was nominated by trainer Keith who had these lovely things to say:

“Lily has a fantastic attitude every time she comes to class and is always smiling. It’s encouraging for me as an instructor to have hard workers like her in my class”

Congratulations Lily! Now let’s take a moment to get to know a little more about her.

What brought you to Honest?

I initially discovered Honest through a LivingSocial deal.  The studio is close by work and I love trying new types of exercise, so it was perfect.  Spinning seemed like a great way to mix up my workouts and I got hooked and kept coming back.

What were your initial fitness and health goals?

I was recovering from a bad hip flexor injury and looking for lower impact cardio since running was out of the question at the time.  I needed to heal up but also wanted to maintain a demanding exercise routine.

How long have you been training at Honest?

Since October 2015…over a year now!  Time flies.

How often do you train?

I try to stay active about 4-5x a week; with two or three of those times being Keith’s spin classes!

What changes have you noticed since you started working out at Honest? (Both physically and mentally)

Hellooo, stronger quads.  I’ve definitely noticed that I have much better balance and posture, not only in exercise form, but also as I’m going about my daily life.  Mentally, exercise is my go-to stress relief.  I typically attend the evening classes, so I am always looking forward to working off all the pressure from the day.  I get to zone out and reset.

What motivates you during a particularly tough workout?

A kickass playlist.  I love music and it’s an important factor for me to have good tunes in order to stay encouraged and focused.  All the trainers use awesome mixes that really help move things along.  I’ve been in classes before that haven’t had the best background tunes and it can be kind of distracting and throw you off.

What is your favorite thing about working out at Honest?

The community as a whole is so welcoming; it’s definitely not your typical gym environment.  From the trainers to the other people in class, I’ve never once felt like I was the “new kid” or somewhere I didn’t belong.  Everyone is so friendly and encouraging, it makes coming to classes a much more fun and relaxing experience.

What are your long term fitness and health goals?

In the long-term, my main goals are to stay healthy, strengthen, and tone.  I also have to quit being stubborn and learn how to be more attune to my body and what it’s telling me so I can avoid exercise-related injuries.  Figuring out that sweet spot between training hard and training smart will be one of my more difficult health goals.

What advice do you have for other Honest clients to help them get the most out of the experience?

Two pieces of advice that are a little cliché but have always stuck with me are “consistency is key” and “everything in moderation”.  Showing up on regular basis is more than half the battle for me.   I also really like the 80/20 rule because it’s realistic, yet allows you to still enjoy the finer things without being super restrictive.

What is your favorite fitness move or exercise?

Pushups are so underrated.  I like that it’s such a straightforward move requiring only your own body weight.  It’s a difficult yet efficient way to work out all sorts of different muscle groups all at once.

What is a fitness move or exercise that really challenges you?

Planks always kill me.  I really like challenging myself to do them more often and for longer stretches of time because they can be so hard.

What is something interesting about you that most people don’t know?

I am a bit of a graphic novel geek.  I recently finished the Jessica Jones series and am currently working my way through the third Walking Dead compendium!

Congratulations again Lily! Keep on being awesome! We love having you as an Honest client (and friend).

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