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Honest Client of the Month: Melissa Slate

Each month, Honest trainers will select one stand-out client that shows above-and-beyond commitment, work ethic, consistency, and positivity to share their stories. These are the stars of the Honest community, and we are honored to feature them. First up? Melissa Slate.

Melissa’s light-hearted and fun energy brighten up every circuit that she joins, and her commitment to honoring her body and helping it heal from injury is an inspiration to Honest’s trainers and clients alike.

Melissa came to Honest in March of 2015 when a friend encouraged her to check out one of Paisley’s spinn classes. “It was fun, but once I tried a circuit I realized strength training was more up my alley and was really what I needed,” she remembers. Hooked by Paisley’s accommodating and helpful approach to weight training and intervals, Melissa committed to using circuits to help her body heal from two car accidents that caused her migraines and chronic neck, back, and shoulder pain since 2011. Though she had minimal success with physical therapists and chiropractors, she began to feel relief thanks to dedicated training complete with modifications that respected her limits while encouraging her to push through discomfort safely in order to get stronger. “Since I started workout out here, I know I can set small goals and accomplish them.” Since joining Honest, Melissa has experienced strength gains—thanks to her favorite moves like tire flips, rope climbs, and, yes, burpees—and has restored a lot of ability after her accident: “I don’t think I’d be able to be on my feet at my job without Paisley.”

Beyond her physical triumphs, the Honest community keeps her coming back: “It’s such a supportive, nonjudgmental environment that accepts people of all fitness levels,” she explains. “It doesn’t feel like those gyms where people show up to show off or zone out and do their own thing, there’s a sense that everyone is cheering you on. I never feel pushed beyond my limits, but I’m able to do the crazy badass moves because I know that, even though they are hard, accomplishing them makes me so proud of myself…and when I’m at Honest, I know I have people rooting for me.”

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