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Honest Client of the Month: Amanda Soden

Each month, Honest trainers will select one stand-out client that shows above-and-beyond commitment, work ethic, consistency, and positivity to share their stories. These are the stars of the Honest community, and we are honored to feature them. Next up? Amanda Soden.

As one of Honest’s earliest and most committed members—she’s been with us for 2 years and 9 months!—Amanda is one of the best people to explain what is special about this community. “I feel like I am working out with friends. I care for the folks I work out with. No one is trying to show anyone up. We are all there to support each other and do our best. I also love the quality of the workouts—I get bored easily so doing a different circuit every class keeps me coming back. Injury prevention is also very important to me so I appreciate the small class size which allows the trainers to keep an eye on me and my form.”

The fitness rockstar, who works out with Honest’s trainers 4-5 times a week between circuits and spin, is a one-woman testament to the power of dedication, showing up on time to work hard every time. When she started training with Paisley in early 2012, her goal was weight loss, but she very quickly realized that losing weight was way less important to her than being healthy. “When I first started working out at Honest I lost 20 lbs and took 4 inches off my waist,” shares Amanda. “I’ve definitely gained some of that back. But that’s because I like to live life—I enjoy good food and wine! However, I am very healthy and very strong. In fact, I’m quite proud of how strong I am. I’ll take fit, strong, and healthy over thin any day!” Better sleep, tons of energy, and a recent day spent helping a friend move (and showing up most of the guys) prove to Amanda (and everyone who knows her) that strong and fit is the way to go.

These days, Honest’s trainers and clients alike look forward to sharing a workout with Amanda’s supportive, energetic, and hilarious spirit. Lucky for us, Amanda insists “I seriously have no plans to ever work out anywhere else!”


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