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Have You Met Yoga Teacher Treva?


I am SO pumped to have Treva working at the Honest Studio!  She is an amazing yoga teacher and superb human being, who always makes me laugh!  Treva currently teaches Sunday mornings from 9-10a.  

Treva Drake, Arizona born, grew up in a highly artistic and spiritual family. Treva always had a yen for exercise even as a young child. Her first encounter with yoga was an old yoga paperback, collecting dust her parents had. She mimicked the yoga poses as best she could and recalls thinking the word yoga sounded goofy. It was in her twenties, while living as a musician and working on self healing, that she discovered her passion for the steady practice of yoga. In 2003, she became certified in the Astanga Yoga system through the It’s Yoga school in San Francisco. She has taken philosophy of yoga courses in college and studied eastern thought somewhat extensively. Treva is a Buddhist of 17 years. Despite her eastern thought education,her yoga classes are about body awareness and living more sensually; she does not preach religiosity and believes the best outcomes of yoga are those that we realize through our own personal experiences, while creating greater freedom for our bodies.

All classes include mindfulness, warm-ups, standing and seated poses followed by a brief relaxation. Treva understands that life gets busy and we don’t always have to time to address our whole body in our other forms of activity, that is why her classes are intentionally holistic in design. Treva’s classes are best for those who want to have a positive attitude about establishing body intelligence. Currently, Treva is studying Biology and aims to become a Physicians Assistant to work with the underserved. A single mother, she is passionate about her family, music, science and living a balanced life. She has had the pleasure of teaching a wide variety of students over the years, across the country, ranging from private corporate classes in the NYC fashion industry to Street Roots yoga, minors, living in state custody.

CLICK HERE to sign up for Treva’s class!

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