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Have You Met Trainer Ilea Yet?

Trainer Ilea is a total badass!  Not only because she is an EXTREMELY hard worker and an incredible athlete… but she is trained in Krav Maga, so she can literally kick your ass 😉  She is encouraging, hilarious and knows how to get you sweating!  Fun facts about Ilea… she snorts when she laughs AND she writes novels!

Here is a little note from the badass herself:

“Hello all! My name is Ilea Sullivan. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and absolutely love every aspect of my job! It’s really more than a job, it’s my passion. I love helping people get out of the stationary rut and discover how rewarding and fun moving and workouts really can be! Seriously, it can be so fun!

I became completely addicted to moving and having fun in 2004 when I started training in Martial Arts. All of that sweating and the sore muscles helped me quickly realize how great I felt after a rewarding workout. I quickly branched out to other forms of exercise such as running, hiking, circuit training, obstacle course races, just to name a few. And now I have found a new passion in helping others achieve better health and happiness.

My favorite part of training is seeing the pride my clients feel in themselves after they push
through a workout. That is no easy feat. I understand the struggles we all face in getting into shape and
creating healthier lifestyles for ourselves. I have been there too. And I will happily help you power
through the walls we all inevitably face. Because really, I believe a support system is key to achieving
the best results. Changing up your workouts is vital to keep things interesting and to help keep you
motivated. This is why I love circuit training so much; you never know what to expect from class to class
(aside from the obvious sweating, of course).

Hard work and dedication does pay off. I will happily help you achieve your goals and make sure
you are having fun doing it!”

Come train with her Tuesday’s and Thursdays 5:30a, 7a, 8a and noon circuits OR Saturday’s 11:15a Cardio Kickboxing

Also, if you are interested in personal training with Ilea, email us for a one on one consultation! Help@honestportland.com

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