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Halloween Honest Style: All Your Questions Answered



It probably comes as no surprise to anyone that Halloween, a holiday for big personalities, is a favorite of many of the trainers and staff at Honest. Especially me: Coach Keith.  In years past we’ve celebrated with a Halloween themed monthly spin party, and have heard requests from those on the other side if the looking glass for a bigger and better Halloweenie celebration as not everyone is as interested in celebrating on a bike. Have no fear, because this year Honest is supplying!

We bring you HONEST TRAINING’S FIRST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN FITNESS FUN FEST! I’m sorry to yell, but I am just SO EXCITED! So what the heck is this!?! Read on and all of your questions are soon to be answered! Here’s the deets:

When & Where:

  • Thursday Evening, October 27th, 5:45pm to 7:30-ish at Honest.

Registration Fee:

  • $35 includes sweet swag bag with goodies from our many event sponsors, event t-shirt, race bib, glow accessories, the opportunity to see me looking hot, and refreshments. Here’s the list of current event sponsors supplying sweet swag (and it is growing daily): Foot Traffic, Ultima Replenisher, Road ID, Peets Coffee & Tea, Suja Juice, Vermont Smoke & Cure, Thrive Sauce & Bowls, Essentia Water, UNREAL Candy Co, Ristretto Roasters, Fire On The Mountain, Velo Cult, and more coming soon!
  • The event t-shirts are neon orange with the cat and pumpkin logo you’ve seen on the flyers. Sizing is unisex (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL)

What to bring:

  • A costume that you can move in and won’t overheat…that fuzzy teletubbie costume might not be the best choice after all… Yup, it’s happened in a past spin class! Don’t know what to wear? Don’t let it hold you back! There will be a big bin full of costume accessories as a back-up! Or if you need costume ideas / inspiration ask me! I am full of good ideas! Halloween is kinda my jam!
  • Bring some non-perishable food items for the Oregon Food Bank. We’re coming into the holiday season and there are a lot of folks out there that will be struggling to keep their families fed as the weather gets colder. How about our community supports not only each other, but others out there that are less fortunate? More info about the Oregon Food Bank here: www.oregonfoodbank.org. Those who remember to bring food are entered into raffles for even BIGGER prizes from our sponsors.

Check out the Schedule of Events:

  • Start time:  5:45… that’s 15 minutes to get your awesome swag bag (more info about that below) reveal your awesome costume, crack open a beer, put your canned food donation in the donation box, snap a couple selfies and get ready to roll into your class.
  • Classes start promptly at 6:00! Please don’t be late.
    • The classes: 1 Hour Halloween themed Spin Class led by yours truly in a magically magnificent costume (you gotta see it to believe it) -OR- 1 hour Halloween Themed Circuit Class led by Trainer Jared, so handsome that he don’t need no fancy costume! (But I’ll make him wear one anyway)
  • 7:00-7:15 grab that towel, get some water (or a beer), and get ready to crack into that pinata, put on your provided GLOW gear and raffle off some extra prizes!
  • 7:15 – 7:30-ish – Glow in the dark fun run / walk time! This is a non-competitive fun run up Fremont to 57th, through the SPOOKY Rose City Cemetery, and back to the studio. And since you’re all winners, you’ll all get a sweet little prize at the end! Not much of a runner? No problem! You’re more than welcome to walk the route! It’s not quite even 2 miles, so everyone should be able to make it! Did I mention that I’ll be blasting some more sweet Halloween tunes during the run!?! SO FUN!
  • 7:30-ish – All are free to hang out a bit, or hit the road!

How to sign up:

  • You all know about the MindBody Portal if you use it to sign up for your regular classes, get on there and check the schedule for October 27th. Choose which class (spin or circuit) you want to sign up for, and reserve your spot! You will be asked to supply a card number for the registration fee. You can sign up anytime no matter how your regular billing cycle falls since this event has its own registration fee. Once you’ve signed up email help@honestportland.com with your desired t-shirt size (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). Or email if you have any questions or need help signing up! Please try to sign up sooner than later to be sure you actually get your desired size! T-Shirt order will be placed October 14th.

I think that about sums everything up! We’re all really excited about HONEST TRAINING’S FIRST ANNUAL HALLOWEEN FITNESS FUN FEST! And you should be too! SO SIGN UP already!!!!




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