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Don’t be an Idiot – Three Reasons Not to Push through Pain

Don’t be an Idiot – Three Reasons Not to Push through Pain

by Dr. Carl Baird DC, MS of Evolve Performance Healthcare

When Paisley asked me to write an article, she originally suggested the title be ‘Don’t be an Asshole,’ which I loved…but I also haven’t had the pleasure of meeting all of you and didn’t want our first interaction to be calling you an asshole. So instead I went with the slightly less offensive ‘idiot.’

Anyway, today we’re going to talk about ‘pushing through pain’. Let’s start by making clear that I love fitness. I love all kinds of fitness. I love lifting heavy weights. I love metcons. I love pilates. I love aerial yoga. If I go more than 2-3 days without any sort of fitness routine I get anxious. However, I also understand the importance of listening to my body. And that if something starts to hurt, it’s a sign that something is wrong. So let’s go over three of the major reasons you shouldn’t be pushing through the pain.

It Slows Healing…

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself. However, it’s unrealistic to expect any injury to heal if we repeatedly provoke it by repeating the same activities that caused the pain. If you hurt your low back squatting, and you continue to squat, it’s not going to get better and will most likely get worse

Compensation Patterns…

Compensation patterns are defined as your body’s ability to overcome deficiencies by altering movement patterns. They occur after an injury to protect an area (i.e. limping after a sprained ankle) or can be used to compensate for muscle and joint imbalances. While this may seem like a great solution to movement issues there is one major problem. Compensations patterns only work so long before something else breaks down. Now instead of an ankle problem, you’ve got a hip problem. Now your shoulder pain has turned neck pain.

Turns an Easy Fix Into a Hard Fix…

If this is the first time you’ve experienced pain, it’s an easy fix. The older you get, the longer you ‘deal with it’, the more times you let an injury recur without having it looked at, the bigger problem it becomes. Training over a deficiency only furthers that deficiency. What was shoulder pain is now a frozen shoulder. What would be a few week recovery is now a month to year-long recovery.

This isn’t rocket science. And odds are you probably (in the back of your mind) already knew these reasons. The sooner you correct movement deficiencies gain the functional strength that is contributing to your pain, the longer and more enjoyable your fitness life will be.

Evolve Performance Healthcare combines full body chiropractic care with Therapeutic Fitness programs to provide long-term pain relief. For questions about how you can achieve long-term, sustainable pain relief email at hello@performancehealthcarepdx.com or call (503) 954-2495.

Hey you guys, Paisley here, Owner of Honest Training 🙂  I just wanted to add my own personal note to this blog.  I feel like I have been waiting for a bodywork system like this forever!  Carl treats his patients so uniquely and holistically.  I feel like I get a chiropractor, a physical therapist and a corrective exercise specialist all wrapped up in one person!  He does a great job treating the root of the problem from all viewpoints.  Thanks Carl!  

Carl is offering a $49 initial visit!  Contact him to schedule!


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