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Coach Em… Fitness Fanatic
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Emily Celichowski (Sell-A-House-Key) or “Coach Em” is the Owner and head coach of “Love Life Be Fit LLC”. Emily obtained her Personal Training certification from the American Academy of Personal Training in NYC in 2007 and her CrossFit Level 1 in 2012.  She has worked at CRUNCH fitness as a Personal Trainer, Portland Fit Body Bootcamp as an instructor and motivator extraordinaire.
Emily is a fitness fanatic and currently pursuing (VERY close to being done) a degree in Physical Activity and Exercise from PSU. Emily’s fitness philosophy is that you can only become strong where you are flexible and her unique fitness approach is to incorporate mobility exercises and function movements into all of her fitness programs. As a self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd” Emily also believes that because no two people are the same, there is no cookie cutter diet out there that works for everyone. And she would know, she’s tried it all, from Vegan to Paleo. Emily gives her clients the tools to help people develop their own unique individual way of eating to fuel their workouts and support their goals. Emily’s mission is to positively influence everyone that she comes in contact with to become not only their healthiest, but their happiest! Love Life. Be Fit.

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