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I love summer. I love the warmth, the hiking, the travel, the swimming, the parties, the backyard BBQs, camping trips, catching up with friends and hosting out of town visitors.

Summer usually means more physical activity for most of us even if it is just on the weekends. 

Yes summer is fun, but can also be exhausting and comes with it’s own sets of challenges.

The other 9 months of the year I find it far easier to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle. Easier to control my diet, fewer trips, fewer guests, fewer alcoholic beverages, a regular school schedule for the kids, and even work is steadier.

The thing that I miss the most in summer is my regular sleep schedule. It is hard to get to bed early when the sun is still out until almost 10. Even with my blackout curtains, I wake around 5 am without an alarm because the sun has found a way into my room and registered deep in my brain that it is time to wake up.

Light exposure early in the morning can have an impact on our internal clock, shifting the timing of the sleep window. The increased exposure to daylight shifts our melatonin production up and people naturally move towards earlier sleeping and rising times. But, we fight this and stay up later because we can and more of our friends and neighbors are doing the same. Too many people actually emerge from summer sleep deprived rather than rested.

Fatigue is the number one complaint I see in practice.

Sleep deprivation is no laughing matter because of the impact on overall health.

The effects on numerous hormones is well documented in health studies.

Your sex drive, your pain, your food addictions, your appetite, your anxiety, your mood,  just about everything is affected by sleep.

If we want to live a more productive, fun and fulfilling life and create the body you want you have to pay attention to the foundation of health – recovery.

A healthy body has an easier time burning fat – that’s a fact.

So where to start?

Join us for the next Building Better Bodies session beginning September 5th. We are kicking off with a potluck and presentation to get you back to a balance Sept 5th!  More on this soon.   

Our last 4-week course was a HUGE success!  This next program will focus on beating fatigue, balancing hormones and sleeping better.
This 4-week interactive and educational program is filled with practical actionable advice to help you be the best you.  Accountability and community are encouraged to help you stay on track.

Dr. Jerome Craig, D.C

“Personal and Professional Care for your
Medical, Nutritional, and Physical needs.



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