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At a Desk All Day? Try These Easy Exercises at Work!

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…Okay, now that you’ve followed both Trainer Paisley and our house Instagram accounts, we can play a little catch-up on what you’ve missed. You know how everyone is talking about the dangers of sitting at a desk all day? Standing desks are all the rage, and some people are even investing in treadmill desks that keep them walking all day long. You don’t need to go to extremes to offset the side-effects of stillness at work—you just need to get up and move your body every now and then. Try setting a timer on your computer or phone and get up to do some form of movement for a few minutes every hour. It may not feel like much, but those minutes add up through the day and before you know it you’ve put in as much time as a full workout or yoga session—at your desk! Want to get started? Here are the top 5 mobility videos Paisley has posted on Instagram over the last few months.

One of my new fav ab routines! 👏🏼💓👏🏼💓 ——————————————- -20 reps seated Russian twist with or w/o a kettlebell -20 totally reps (10 each side) plank hip drops – 20 reps heel tapping with kettlebell pullover (make sure that low back doesn’t arch up!) – 10 side plank rotations on each side (feel free to drop that bottom knee if u need too!) 💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟💪🏼🌟 If u are wondering why there r sticky notes on the wall behind me… Nov challenge: Make weekly and 6month goals, post them, make them come true 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥 #workoutsbyhonestpt #thingstododailybytrainerpaisley #honesttraining #portlandgym #portlandpersonaltrainer #portland #core #neutralspineabexercises #Repost #love

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Sure, you may get some side-eye from your coworkers, but that’s a small price to pay to avoid chronic disease and to be the healthiest person in your office. Invite them to join you—you might just spark a workplace revolution! (P.S. did you know you can invite your coworkers and friends to try out a week at Honest for FREE? That’s right! They can sign up for a free week using Mindbody online—no emails, phone calls, or consultations necessary.)

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