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“Ask Your Trainers!” – All Your Burning Questions Answered

You love your Honest trainers. They encourage you to keep pushing when you almost run out of steam, they inspire you to better your life and they support you and genuinely care about your well being.

They are at your disposal at the studio, but don’t you wish you could just keep them in your pocket in case you need them out in the real world? Don’t you wish you could ask them questions whenever you need advice? What are their secrets to success? Do they let themselves have a cookie once in a while or do they just eat kale? What do they do when they feel anxious or depressed? Who inspires them?

Our new Honest blog series will answer all those burning questions and more! “Ask Your Trainers” will divulge the best habits, secrets, advice, methods and routines of all your favorite Honest trainers.

We will begin this series by asking our loveable and dance-tastic Trainer Michelle Nixon a little about the daily habits and life philosophies that keep her so well balanced.

What is your weekly workout routine?

My weekly goal is to hit 5 days of training (of course some weeks are better than others); 3 circuit/strength classes per week, and 2 running/interval training days. I have 2 rest days, where I will walk/hike a few miles on those days. Everyday I make sure to move my body in some way, shape, or form. When the winter months hit I usually add yoga to the mix. And of course there is always a little dance action somewhere throughout the day!

What is your food/nutrition philosophy?

Nutrition, where do you start?! Over the past 10 years of studying this subject I have learned so many different philosophies that it is mind boggling and very confusing. What worked for my body ten years ago, definitely does not work for it anymore. My nutrition has changed so much over the years, that now I stick to a pretty tight anti-inflammatory diet of no processed sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, corn, and legumes. I try to avoid anything that causes bloating and irritation. Now, of course, if I am at a social event I will eat these foods, but for the most part, at home, I keep it pretty strict.

I definitely believe that America runs on sugar and processed foods, and I work to teach my clients this. I educate them on eating whole, organic foods, not necessarily anti-inflammatory like myself, as some folks can digest everything. The one thing I do know to be true is, weight management is not as simple as calories in versus calorie out, there is so much more that comes in to play, such as hormones, stress, sleep, relationships etc. I work on all of these issues with my clients, especially if they are on a weight loss program and it is not working for them.

What are your morning and bedtime rituals?

In a perfect world I would love to say I wake up and meditate for 20 minutes, write down my goals/intentions for the day, go for a run, take a cold shower, make an extravagant breakfast, and head out to work…this is something I am currently working on to make true!

What usually happens- Make tea and breakfast immediately, catch up quickly on the news or social media (which I am also working on letting go, as it literally sucks the life out of you!) get ready and head to work.

Bedtime: Always shower and try to be off of all screens about an hour before I go to bed. I’ll usually read in bed to help wind down from the day. I sometimes write in my gratitude journal three things I am grateful for, even if the day has been crappy. It is really important to check in with yourself.

What is the most important thing (pertaining to overall health) you’ve learned as a trainer?

That stress plays a key role in your general health. Some amount of stress is totally healthy, but too much wreaks havoc on your mind, body, and soul.

What is the best advice you ever received?

I was once taking a flight alone from England to America and I was really sick that day, I mean really sick. My dad took me to the airport and I couldn’t even fathom getting on the plane. I remember the lady at the check-in desk told me to take it one step at a time, don’t think about the 7 hour flight, with the lay over, and then the 4 hour train ride. Just break it up into pieces and you will get through it. As ridiculous as this sounds, I use it for everything, When something appears overwhelming, I just break it down into bite sized chunks. It seems to work for me.

Thank you for your insight and advice Michelle! You are truly inspirational. As many of you know, Michelle will be leaving Honest after November to pursue a fabulous career in home staging and design. Don’t worry, she will still be subbing so it’s not goodbye, it’s see you soon (sniff, sniff).

If you have questions you want answered please submit it to loni@honestportland.com. We are so here for you we are practically in your pocket.

*All trainer advice given is based on personal opinions and any serious health issues are best discussed with specialized professionals.

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