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5 Easy Ways to Get More Results From Small-Group Training

Here at Honest, we believe that major transformation happens—inside and out—when we respect our bodies. That means that every Honest Trainer has the same goal: to help you reach your fitness goals via a life-long, sustainable program… not a quick fix. We know that the key to a fitness program that works is honoring and respecting your own body, and working with your trainer to make sure you can safely and sustainably keep up a habit of activity for the long haul. Here are a few ways to make sure you’re getting the training your body needs right now:

1. Introduce yourself to your trainer—especially if you’re new! Honest is about creating a supportive fitness community, so we need to know who you are, and what brings you to training. What are your goals? What’s your workout history? The more information we have, the more we can tailor our training to you.

2. Make sure you’re using the right progression for you in your circuits: Don’t measure your weights, speed, or intensity by comparing yourself to the person training next to you. The key to developing strong bodies is setting a good foundation for success, stabilization, and mobility—which means not jumping to a higher progression or difficulty on a move until you’ve mastered the basics.

3. Show up on time (or early!) for your warm up: Warm ups aren’t just for letting latecomers make it in time for the “real” work to start! Honest Trainers tailor each warm up to the circuit ahead—with moves that use the same muscles and mimic the same movements that you’ll be doing at the day’s stations. This is a critical step in safe, effective workouts!

4. Let your trainer know about any injury or soreness: Don’t grin and bear it! The benefit of small-group training is that we can change up movements, offer alternatives, or help you safely recover from an injury—but trainers are not mind readers! Always keep your trainer updated on injuries, disabilities, soreness, or any other health issues that could impact your workout before the workout begins. That way you stay safe and your trainer can offer you a workout that works for you.

5. If you don’t know why you’re being asked to do a certain movement, speak up! Every move we do at Honest is meant to create healthy movement patterns for your real life, so your body is prepared for lifting heavy laundry baskets, hiking a mountain, reaching for something on a high shelf, or carrying kids. We’re not just working up a sweat or trying to make anyone look silly—so if you don’t know why you’re doing that side plank or speed skater, ask away. Our trainers can explain the anatomy and movement patterns that will help make your body stronger and increase the physical awareness of your everyday life.

The bottom line is that Honest Trainers are here for you! Unlike other gyms where you’re expected to show up, work out, then leave without a connection, we are interested in getting to know everyone as an individual. If you’d like to talk to a trainer in a one-on-one setting, sign up for a free health consultation so we can craft the perfect program for you.

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