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4 Free Monday Workouts With New Trainer Jared Kelsey

“Per corpus ad mentum” is a Latin phrase that translates roughly to “through the body to the mind.” This phrase is the cornerstone of Jared Kelsey’s training philosophy. Jared believes that training doesn’t have to be about being competitive; he chooses instead to focus on how keeping the body in motion works to keep both the body and the mind healthy. With a BS in biology, Jared is fascinated by the intersection of kinesiology and physiology. It is likely that while working out with Jared you’ll not only hear which muscles you’re working, but also how the movement of those muscles will have beneficial downstream effects on the other systems in your body. In his off time, Jared is a total nerd at heart. He loves reading, gardening, fishing, bird watching, and knitting. Train with Jared and get a great work out and a science lesson all in one! Double whammy!!!

Meet new trainer Jared Kelsey at one of four free circuits every Monday in October from 3 to 4 pm—a perfect way to start the week off right!

10/5, 10/12, 10/19 & 10/26

Schedule your free spot now!

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